Mucky Pup CD - "A Boy in a Man's World"


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1. U-Stink
2. Batman
3. Someday
4. Homosexual
5. Reagan Knew
6. Landscrapers
7. Never Again
8. Death By Cholesterol
9. P.T.L
10. A Boy In A Man's World
11. Little Pigs
12. All's Cool
13. Jam It
14. Whasky Wabbit
15. Big Freeze
16. Little Pigs (LIVE) - Bonus
17. P.T.L (LIVE) - Bonus
18. U Stink But I Love U (LIVE) - Bonus
Chris Milnes - Vocals
John Milnes - Drums
Danny Nastasi - Guitar
Dave Neabore - Bass

Recorded 1988 at:
Nevessa Productions NY.
Produced by:
Chris Andersen and Mucky Pup
Engineered by: Chris Andersen

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