Mucky Pup CD - "Can't You Take a Joke?"


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1. Knock Knock
2. Nazichizm
3. Caddy Killer
4. M.B.
5. Innocents
6. Daddy’s boy (Theme Song)
7. F.U.C.K.
8. U-R Nothing
9. A.I.D.S.
10. Life 4 Def
11. Laughing in Your Face
12. Woody
13. Bushpigs
14. Mr. President
15. I.R.S.
16. Shumbluh

Chris Milnes - Vocals
John Milnes - Drums
Dan Nastasi - Guitar
Scott LePage - Bass

Recorded June - July 1987
at Fox Studios NJ.
Produced by C.Milnes and S.LePage
Engineered by Bill Klatt

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